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Solar Systems – Common Problems

Solar system problems are inevitable and unfortunately the 1st sign your solar system is not working is usually when you get your electricity bill!

 So it’s a good idea to regularly check your inverter the LED screen displays the daily solar production in kW, if you know what range this is usually in, you’re instantly alerted if it falls for some reason.

Top reasons your solar system stops working

Solar northern beaches - solar Main AC Switch
Solar Supply Main Switch

The Solar AC Main switch is OFF

This is located in your switchboard, it should be labelled and looks similar to this

 Solar DC Isolating Main switch is OFF

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Solar DC Isolating Main switch

This is located near your Inverter, depending on the size of your system there may be more than one.

 Faulty Inverter

Before you call and pay for a  Solar Electrician to take a look, check the warranty on your Inverter. They are generally 5 years, so you may be covered and don’t have to pay. In this case contact your Solar Installer 1st and or Inverter Manufacturer.

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Solar Panels have become a home to birds or possums


Now you need to call a Solar Electrician, do not attempt to evict these unwelcome guests, your panels  are generating DC electricity and as a result can kill you or anyone working on your roof who does not have the  expertise and license to carry out this type of work.

Possums and birds can chew through or simply dislodge the cables in your system as a consequence your whole system will stop generating.

Unfortunately Solar panels provide a warm shelter to possums and birds and keeping them out long term proves difficult. Consider Possum proofing your panels to ensure your investment is protected long term.

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