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Solar Installation and Solar Repairs Northern Beaches

As CEC accredited Solar installers and licensed Electricians with over 10 years Solar Installation and repair experience, you are always guaranteed a quality installation. We assess each installation in the planning stage so this ensures the system is;

Positioned to capture as much sun and therefore generate as much power as possible

Sized to maximise production and also fit all budgets

Installed in a way that does not impact the look of your home thus ensuring no unsightly external wiring and conduit

Solar Repairs

A solar system is like any electrical device and therefore requires servicing and at time repairs and replacement of components. The Solar panels and often inverter are exposed to the elements so are at risk of damage

As your system may be under warranty (generally 5 years) first try and contact your original solar installer. If this is not possible or the system is out of warranty we can provide a full system and safety check.

Ageing Solar systems require maintenance and this needs to be completed by a licensed Solar Installer. Why?

  • To ensure your system is working effectively and therefore generating as much money as possible.
  • To confirm our system is compliant with current AS/NZS 5033. If your system is more than 5 years old you may be at risk. Your system may not comply with major rules changes in 2012, including earthing of panels and rails and rooftop isolating switches.

Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance

Dirt on your panels acts as a filter to sunlight and as a result can reduce the power your solar system generates and consequently the savings!

 Reasons your Solar Panels get dirty

  •  Pollution, traffic and dust
  • Bird and animal droppings & nests

  • Leaves & sap from trees

  • Crystallised ocean salt

It is important to clean your solar panels as part of the maintenance of your solar system, thus protecting your investment;

 Reasons to clean your Solar Panels

  •  In many cases your warranty is voided if proof of regular cleaning is not provided
  • Increases the energy output and the savings

  • Maintain your investment

  • Reduce the risk of fire

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Solar Northern Beaches - Edelman Electrics
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