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Possum Proofing Solar Panels

Solar Panels provide great protection for possums and birds and once they have taken up residence they can be very hard to get rid of, a possum under your solar panel can cost money…

Protecting your solar investment is a priority!

Problems with possums and birds nesting under your panels can include;

  • Fire hazard as the nest is usually twigs and leaves. A lot of heat is generated from the solar panels and this can ignite.
  • Disconnection of wiring under the panels is a common problem, as they move around and can actually “pull the plug” on your solar panel. What a lot of Solar owners are not aware of is, that often if one solar panel goes down your whole system will stop generating.
  • Damage to Solar Panels due to these critters chewing or scratching solar panel components.

The problem is often not discovered until you receive your quarterly Electricity bill and can mean a big financial loss.

Edelman Electrics have come up with system to “Possum proof” your Solar Panels

  • Blocks access to birds and possums
  • Rigid wire protection to allow water (but not large leaves & debris) to flow freely under the Solar panels
  • Suitable for Tile or Colorbond roof
  • No roof penetrations so there is no chance of leaks after installation
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Possum proof Solar Panels











solar northern beaches
Possum found under Solar Panel

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