maximise your solar

Maximise your Solar

The Solar Bonus Scheme has well & truly ended & you are now getting between 5-8c per Kwh for the electricity you are sending to the Grid, so what do you do?

Check out Edelman Electrics’ simple steps to reduce energy bill shock and Maximise your Solar:

Ensure you have a Nett Meter Installed

When you were selling your solar generated electricity  for between 25c to 66c per Kwh, the smart choice was a Gross Meter,

What is a Gross Meter? This is where you sell 100% of Solar electricity generated back to your Energy provider & then you use 100% Grid power which you purchased from your provider.

What is a Nett Meter? This allows you to use your Solar power generated & sell excess to your Provider, during peak sun hours & then use Grid power at all other times.

How to get a Nett Meter? If you had a a Solar system under the Solar Bonus Scheme, your Energy provider should install these at no Charge at the end of the Solar Bonus Scheme.

New to Solar? You need to have this completed by your Electrician at the time of Solar Installation to maximise your savings.

Use your Solar Power while the sun is shining

So when you selling power for 5-8c & buying it for between 15-50c, the smart option is to use as much of your own power as possible. Here are some tips to help you with this.

  1. Run your appliances, such as Dishwasher, washing machine,etc during peak sunlight hours. Most appliances now have a delay timer, which means you can schedule them to start when you are not home
  2. Put your pool equipment on a timer during the day

Install an Energy Monitoring &/or Control System

Consider installing an Energy Monitoring system to keep track of your Energy usage & generation. We recommend & install CarbonTRACK ©

What does CarbonTRACK © do?

  • Manages & reduces your electricity by monitoring your energy usage & generation 24/7 from anywhere via your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Identify potential problems with your Solar system immediately (rather than when you get your next bill)
  • Monitor your energy efficiency, identify opportunities for savings, test & track results, for example LED lighting changeovers.
  • Control your appliances from anywhere at anytime, switching the Pool equipment On or Off depending on energy generation.
  • Determine your requirements for Solar batteries. The system makes it easy to calculate your excess production and size batteries to store this load for use later.
  • Find out more about CarbonTRACK here

Ensure peak performance from your Solar System

Get your system checked out regularly  & have your panels cleaned to maintain your system is performing at its best & generating as much energy as possible

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