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USB Power points the new MUST HAVE..

How many devices that you rely on daily are charged from USB chargers?

 How many times have you lined up to charge your phone on the only charger you find in the house, check out these USB power points the new must have..

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These are now a standard install in new homes and are fast becoming a popular retrofit item, the simply install is a swap over of an existing power point with a wall mounted USB Power point. If you require additional outlets to be wired, this is a little more complicated, but can be definitely be done.


  • Electrician Northern BeachesRapid charges at least 2 devices at once and frees up your power points.

  • Each USB Port is 1.7 -2.1A, suitable for rapid charging ipads & tablets. (cheaper imported options advertisedon the internet are often rated lower and take ages to charge your devices)

  • Neat and tidy, no cable, charger and power board  clutter

  • No piggybacked chargers, that fall out of the wall

  • Each one has Internal safety shutters in power sockets for extra protection

  • Low standby power consumption 240V a.c. < 0.15W

  • Suitable for commercial and residential indoor use


We only use quality products as you need to…

  • Be aware that people have been fatally injured by cheap and inferior USB chargers

  • They all meet Australian Electrical standards and come with Australian Manufacturer’s warranty and are NOT cheaper imports

  • Protect your devices, they are not cheap to replace, all these ports are overload protected, unlike many cheaper imports


  • Electrician Northern Beaches USB Powerpoints
    Six USB cables. Isolated on white background

    Home Office

  • Kitchen

  • Pantry

  • Loungeroom

  • Hallway

  • Bedroom

  • Rumpus room

  • Office

  • Anywhere…..


There are a number of options, including;

  • Popular Double power point with double USB socket

  • Power points with USB outlets only, up to 6 sockets

  • Coverplates in different  finishes and colours are also available, so you can match your USB power points to the décor of your home.


The cost of a standard double power point with dual USB Charger to buy, start at $85*, while a double USB only point start at $65*. The cost for a standard 4 USB Port only charger, start at $100*.  Installation is additional to this cost

 Retrofitting an existing power point with a new USB Power point, will generally take about 20-30 minutes, installing a new USB power point will take longer as additional wiring will need to be completed, and the factors you will need to consider in this case is the location, ease of access and the type of power point to be installed. These are estimates only, we can discuss all your needs and give a firm price on a visit to your home or office.

 Consider installing a number of these around the home and save on labour charges.


Remember installing new USB power point or replacing an existing power point is not a DIY task. You will need a fully qualified Electrician to do this for you.  Apart from the legal aspect of DIY installation, there is of course the safety aspect and ensuring your home is safe and complies with the latest Australian Standards. The products we use are of a high standard and have been designed, tested and approved to meet the relevant Australian Standard.

Give Paul a call on 0418 214 764 and organise an obligation Free quote to install USB Charging stations around your home and office.


* prices are indicative and are based on a standard power point correct at publication, but subject to change

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