Solar Panel Fires

National Fire Department statistics show the risk of Solar Panel fires are on the increase. Therefore it is important to get your Solar system checked, cleaned and serviced regularly. The result of not properly maintaining your system can be catastrophic.

Solar Panel Fire statistics

The Australian  July 12,2017 & July 18, 2017, *reports the following facts:

The Victorian MFB responded to more than 40 fires caused by home solar power systems in the past 5 years

Queensland FES attended 33 fires caused by Solar energy systems in 2016, 16 already this year (July 2017)

Western Australian ** – Faulty or poorly installed solar panel systems have sparked fires at more than 20 homes in WA in the past two years.

Fire Rescue NSW responded to seven fires caused by solar panels last year

Causes of Solar Panel Fires

Badly installed systems are generally the cause of Solar panel fires. Poorly trained solar installers often doing it on the cheap using imported products. Many Solar Companies subcontract their installation work, subcontractors will cut corners to make money on the job and this is where the risk increases.

Regardless of whether it is a cheap or quality installation, you should get your system checked regularly. Like your car it needs to maintained, this includes cleaning panels, checking panels and wiring for corrosion or deterioration, even spots on your panels that can derate their output.

Possums or birds can nest under or panels and the leaves and debris are a fire hazard, they can also damage wiring and cause a short circuit or hot joint causing a fire.

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Cleaning Solar Panels can increase their output by up to 30%,


Dirt from bird droppings, grime, salt air, leaves, even birds nesting between panels can reduce their power output, however this is not something you should do yourself for a number of reasons




  • Mixing water and power can be dangerous
  • Working on a rooftop can be dangerous without the correct equipment
  • It is possible to “disconnect” or damage wiring to and from your solar panels

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*Source: Australian News Articles: Solar panel fires rise amid warnings over battery use – July 18,2017 & ‘Years to understand’ fire risk of solar power systems  – July 12,2017

**West Australian News: Faulty Solar panels fire alert – 20 July 2017