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Winter is coming….How to save on your next Energy Bill

1st sign of cold weather, it’s getting darker earlier, it’s time to consider your electricity bill in a couple of months!

 Take a look at last winter’s electricity bill if it’s anything like ours was it’s a huge hike, but if you take some action early you can reduce the cost to the

household budget over the coming months.


Heating your home is your greatest cost


Lighting is used more as it is darker earlier,

15% of your energy costs are from lighting, so this can have an impact on your energy bill.

Take a look at the difference in daylight hours in Summer vs Winter.

your lighting costs will increase by over 120%


Use of appliances such as Dryer, cooking more hot meals instead of summer salads

Energy Saving Tips to reduce costs

 Heating Cost Tips

1.     Shut doors and close curtains

Heating a whole house is costly, to assist in keeping the heat in close doors between rooms you are not using so you only have to heat the rooms you are using. Close your blinds/ curtains at night to keep the heat in and the cold outside

 2.     Set your Thermostat at 20°c

Winter heating can account for over 30% of your energy costs

3.     Turn the Heaters off when you don’t need them

Heat only the rooms you are using, shut the doors between and turn it off when you leave your home or go to bed.

4.    Insulate your Roof

Check you have insulation in your ceiling!

Lighting Cost Tips

1.     Replace old incandescent and halogen light globes with LED energy efficient globes

As lighting usage increases in the winter months, the cost of your lighting will increase. The upfront cost of replacement of old light fittings or globes will reap rewards in the future.

** Incandescent lamps (40W – 100W) are no longer available for purchase but may still be in use. Information provided above from Lighting Council Australia 2015

 2.     Switch lights off when you leave the room

Training family members turn off lights when they exit a room can save you $$

3.     Install motion detectors in low use areas

Using motion detectors to automatically turn lights on and off as needed in low use areas, particularly outside where it is often forgotten

Other Cost saving Tips

 1.     Identify power “guzzlers”

  • The 2nd fridge how good is the seal, is it running effectively, in winter you may not need the 2nd beer fridge so switch it off & get it going again in the warmer months.

  • Use the Dryer as little as possible, line dry your clothes

  • Use cold water in in your Washing machine

  • Use your dishwasher on eco-cycle and make sure it is full before you put it on

  • Use your Microwave where possible instead of electric stove

2.     Stop Standby power waste

 Up to 10% of your electricity use could be from gadgets on standby

  • Your phone charger is still using energy when your phone is not attached, as is your TV, Laptop, LCD computer screens, video game console and DVD player!

  • Invest in a Standby power controller which will automatically reduce standby time and switch appliances off when not in use.

  • Or invest in a power board with an ON/OFF switch & plug your vampire devices into this.