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Electrical Tips for the Renovator

.No 1 TIP  is involve your Sparky in your early discussions and you will end up saving money!
Major renovations or a new home build in your future, electrical considerations are often put on the “I’ll work that out later list”, however taking this route will often end up costing you more in the long run, check out our Electrical Tips for the Renovator.

 Pre Reno Electrical check

Before renovating get your wiring checked to cover any potential problems.   This will ensure things like if you have enough power provisions, whether the wiring is up to code & safe, safety switches, if  your existing light fittings are earthed, which is required if you want to replace them with metal fittings or simply want to make them safe.

Older homes will often require a full or partial rewire or a switchboard upgrade. This can be costed upfront and completed during the renovation work.

Complete your Electrical Wish list

Ensure your wish list of electrical needs is covered in the long term, even if you can not afford it all in the short term. If you are considering things such as;
  • Air conditioning
  • Pool or spa or even a Sauna
  • Cooking needs, such as Induction cook top or large electric ovens
  • Type of water heating
  • Floor heat
  • Granny Flat
  • General increased power requirements
It is important to ensure you firstly have enough power coming into your property, also that you have room on your existing meter board for the additional power circuits and to save money in the long term, getting the wiring completed during the renovation stage, whilst for example the walls, ceilings or floors are exposed or trenches have been dug around the home,  means that when you can afford the wish list item, the installation can be completed simply & cost effectively.

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Power point & Data point placement

A couple of important things to consider are placement, quantity and type of power point.
When designing the room layouts, mark where you will need your power points, nothing is more annoying than extension cords or constantly juggling appliances or leads, in this day & age, having enough power points are critical. There are also combination options with USB power points, double and multiple power points. In addition there are also data, telephone and TV on the same plates.  Some other things to consider are;
Kitchens & Bathrooms – consider all the electrical appliances you have, double adapters are not a practical option in these rooms so make sure your needs covered.
Bedrooms – Consider bed placement for bedside power and also charging options for phones and tablets.  Also consider if data/TV cable TV combination power point outlets requirements.
Entertainment  – This area requires a host of options, including multiple power points, data, TV & Cable TV, wired so that it is discreet and hidden from sight.


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When choosing lighting options for an area in your home it is important to consider its primary use. For example a home office will require good lighting, perhaps with a cool white light., whilst the living areas and bedrooms will have a more relaxed feel with a warm white light that is not too bright, installing dimmers are an ideal

option to soften light when required to create different moods.

Over bright or harshly lit rooms can be often seem smaller and are not comfortable to spend time in. This is highlighted in the current all white trend, you want your home to look clean, but not feel clinical.


In most cases, cheaper is definitely not better. Run any special electrical deals past your Sparky first, as it may end up costing your more in both the short and long term. Non-standard products can take longer to install, negating the original product saving with increased labour cost.  Safety is always the primary concern with all electrical products, the saving is not worth the risk to home & family
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