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Electrical safety during storms

Knowing what to do protect yourself and your property before, during and after a storm can keep your family and property safe. Prepare your home for the next onslaught of rain, wind or hail with our guide to Electrical safety during storms

Electrical Safety Storms

Safeguarding your Property

  • Ensure you have Safety switches installed and test them regularly; Safety switches protect you from electrocution and can protect your appliances from power surges. If water or high winds cause damage to the electrical wiring in your home, these are your first line of defense
  • Ensure you know where your Main switchboard is; This enables you to switch it off in an emergency.
  • If you have a Solar System: know how to shut this down using the safe isolation procedure.

How to prepare and what to do during a Storm

  • Unplug all major appliances from power points; Lightning can travel through electrical wiring blowing any appliance plugged into a wall socket, regardless of whether it is turned on.
  • Do not use you fixed line telephone during an electrical storm; Lightning, if it strikes can also travel through the telephone cabling and can cause an electric shock
  • If your property is flooding, locate the main switch and turn off the power; Although you should have safety switches, it is best not to rely on them to safeguard you.
  • Shut down your Solar PV System in the case of both electrical storms and flooding. Lightning can travel from your Solar panels to your Inverter, damaging one or both. If flooding occurs, although the Grid electricity may be switched off your roof may still be generating electricity and there is a high risk of electrocution.

Clean up after the Storm

  • In the case of a blackout, determine firstly if it is your area, if this is the case you can visit the Ausgrid Power Outages website for details.
  • If your home is the only one without power, it may be necessary to get an Electrician to check it out.
  • If there is water coming from any light fittings, switches or power outlets, do not turn them on.  Contact a licensed Electrician to check them out first.
  • Avoid your electrical switchboard if it is damaged by water, fire or if lightning is close by. If there is damage call an Electrician, do not attempt to do any work yourself.
  • Water damaged appliances need to be checked by a licensed Electrician prior to use. Hard-wired appliances such as Air conditioners, cooktops and ovens are often overlooked, ensure they are checked prior to use
  • If you have a Solar System do not get on the roof to check as there is a risk of electrocution, as the system may still be generating power.

Solar PV System Safety

  • Solar systems can continue to generate power even if there is a blackout and grid power is out and there is a high risk of electrocution. Any suspected damage to your Solar System should be inspected by a licensed Electrician
  • Do not to contract any other Tradesmen to work on your property until your home has been checked. There is a risk of electrocution if anyone is working near the wiring of your solar system either on or in the roof and even cabling through walls.
  • Find out more about how Edelman Electrics can help you with your Solar System 

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