Solar Panel Fires

National Fire Department statistics show the risk of Solar Panel fires are on the increase. Therefore it is important to get your Solar system checked, cleaned and serviced regularly. The result of not properly maintaining your system can be catastrophic.

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solar northern beaches

Possum Proofing Solar Panels

Solar Panels provide great protection for possums and birds and once they have taken up residence they can be very hard to get rid of, a possum under your solar panel can cost money…

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electrical safety during storms - edelman electrics

Electrical safety during storms

Knowing what to do protect yourself and your property before, during and after a storm can keep your family and property safe. Prepare your home for the next onslaught of rain, wind or hail with our guide to Electrical safety during storms

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maximise your solar

Maximise your Solar

The Solar Bonus Scheme has well & truly ended & you are now getting between 5-8c per Kwh for the electricity you are sending to the Grid, so what do you do?

Check out Edelman Electrics’ simple steps to reduce energy bill shock and Maximise your Solar:

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Solar Northern Beaches - Edelman Electrics

Solar Systems – Common Problems

Solar system problems are inevitable and unfortunately the 1st sign your solar system is not working is usually when you get your electricity bill!

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