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Electrical Tips for the Renovator

.No 1 TIP  is involve your Sparky in your early discussions and you will end up saving money!
Major renovations or a new home build in your future, electrical considerations are often put on the “I’ll work that out later list”, however taking this route will often end up costing you more in the long run, check out our Electrical Tips for the Renovator.

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DIY Electrical – Do’s & Don’ts

Just because you are able to buy a huge range of electrical fittings and fixtures at your local hardware, the law is clear only licensed Electricians are able to install almost all of them. Changing over a light bulb is about all any DIYer should be attempting and even this can come with a warning.  The reason for this is because DIY Electrical is dangerous

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USB Power points the new MUST HAVE..

How many devices that you rely on daily are charged from USB chargers?

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